Amazing Botanicals is made up of two women- Asha Burton from Miami, FL and Shelly Morant from Waco, Texas. Asha works as a hair stylist and chef and has interests in wine. Shelly owns a bed and breakfast and mother to twin boys. She's an avid gardener and nature lover. Asha's been a natural since 2003 and Shelly since 1996. We meet in a kitchen actually through a mutual chef. He said we should know each other because we're similar in personality. Boy was he right! We both loved food but had issues finding the right products, so we put 2 and 2 together and created a natural hair care product line that we can stand by.



Loving your Natural Self has always been important to me.  Making naturally inspired products  allows the discovery of healthy healing components that are safe for the whole family. As a Wife and Mother these things are very important.



Asha's been a natural since 2003, enjoys reading, bicycling around her neighborhood, and doing natural hair. Asha's been cooking for over 10 years and loves and hates the craziness that is the hospitality industry. Making hair and skin products gives me another avenue of creating and productivity that I'm proud to be apart of.